Hello! I'm Nikita...

I’m a digital strategist with over 4 years of diverse experience across advertising and media.

I’ve previously worked with agencies like McCann Erickson, Lodestar-UM (both IPG companies), Group M and Contract-JWT.

My experiences and interest centre around brands, and I’m passionate about building them. I’m also passionate about writing, which translates into what I do for brands – content development, strategy and creative collaboration.

I’m excited to work with businesses that view communication as an integral component of their growth strategy. I firmly believe that the most creative ideas are the ones that are medium-agnostic, and can cut through the clutter.

Good strategy as well as creative execution takes a whole lot of research and insight, and I am happy to help with that!

Besides brands, what really gets me going are: music, books and coffee (in no particular order). 

PS: I’d love to get to know you and your story, so drop me a line at and I will get in touch!


Nikita Sailesh

Creative Strategist | The Write Remedy